Wellbeing Courses

Achieving a satisfactory state of wellbeing involves daily work, which lasts a lifetime.

We have probably been educated on “how to do well”, but less educated on “how to feel good, on how to create a certain state of well being in life”.

Well being is not necessarily related to the absence of illnesses or problems in life, but rather it is  a state of balance, usually described as experience of happiness, prosperity, good mental health, high satisfaction in life, and a certain level of resilience in front of life adversity.

From a positive psychology perspective, well being derives from the cultivation of positive relationships and positive emotions, involvement in engaging activities, sense of accomplishment and meaning in life.

Self awareness, emotional intelligence and the practice of healthy lifestyle are elements that can be learned and practiced to boost well being in private life, on the job, in schools, and in the wider community.

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