Art in the Workplace, for Companies and Organizations

Art is a universal language, accessible to working professionals of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Collective art-making is an exercise in collaboration, negotiation, problem-solving, and stress management. 

Through group painting, installation, or other creative challenges, team members will practice skills transferable to the workplace – such as effective communication, critical thinking, and compromise. 

In “creating” together, individuals will work toward a common goal and build trust in one another, resulting in a healthier and happier work environment. At EAC we provide art experiences (training courses, workshops, conferences, corporate events) for schools and companies, in groups and teams, online, at our office in Barcelona, or on-site at your institution.

Mindful Art / Anti Stress Art

Art has an intrinsic healing power. It cleanses from stress, tensions, negative thoughts, and can positively influence blood pressure and breathing. During the sessions, participants will be encouraged to create mandalas, intuitive drawings, and paintings and will engage with body-mind activities involving movements, music, and mindfulness meditations. The creative and soothing atmosphere will facilitate self-expression, self-awareness, empathy, and collaboration with other participants.

Crearte > Inspired by Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso

Draw, paint, and create art pieces inspired by some of the most important artists in the world! Teams will be instructed on the artists’ main techniques and styles and encouraged to create artwork together with different art materials. The final product will be the result of the collaboration among participants, in a space that opens up to freedom and to the exploration of many possibilities that art can inspire.

The Pattern Method > Inspired by Antoni Gaudí

Create a team-artwork inspired by Modernist patterns and Antoni Gaudí’s work. Each team member will be invited to create a pattern that represents him/herself and then they have to create a pattern for the whole team! The final pattern can be realised using different materials, and can become a picture to hang, a screensaver for the company’s computers’ desktops, a card and so on!

Art Loves ❤ Nature

Make art in green spaces or with recycled materials. Art and nature are a perfect combination to boost positive energy, exercise creative thinking and collaboration! Inspired by land artists’ works, participants will be encouraged to create an art installation, using natural elements, art supply and recycled materials. Sessions will be held in parks and gardens around the city of Barcelona, or in the office.

Art Podcasts and Music in the Office

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